Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VCO sesuai untuk bayi...

VCO Catalyst sesuai untuk semua peringkat....
VCO merupakan minyak yang terbaik dan sesuai untuk bayi. Hasil carian dalam internet  kami dapati maklumat seperti di bawah menyokong kenyataan di atas.

Nota #1

Milk was designed to supply all the nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins & fats a baby need for growth and development. Babies who are breast-fed not only obtained important nutrients from the milk but also received antibodies to build stronger immunity system to fight-off infectious diseases.

The main component in breast milk that helped babies stay strong and free from diseases is the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), especially Lauric Acid.
Outside mother's breast milk, Lauric Acid is the primary saturated fatty acids found in Virgin Coconut Oil. The MCFAs in both breast milk and coconut oil improves nutrient absorption, aid digestive function, and protect baby from harmful microorganisms.

Asid Lauric juga terdapat di dalam VCO. Ia merupakan komponen yang juga terdapat di dalam susu ibu...yang membantu bayi terus kuat dan tahan daripada terdedah daripada penyakit. Maka VCO sesuai unutk bayi..

Nota #2

Without question, breast milk is the best choice of food for babies. Preparation by mother should start before the baby is born as not all breast milk has the same superiority. The quality of milk is determined by the mother's health and food diet. Is she doesn't eat the right amount of nutrients; the milk she produces will also be deficient. It is advisable for pregnant mother to consumeVirgin Coconut Oil as part their diet which has ample amounts of MCFAs, particularly lauric acid, so that her milk will, in return provide maximum benefits to her baby 

Ibu yang mengandung juga digalakkan menggunakan VCO sebagai membantu dalam sebahagian diet mereka terutamanya keperluan Asid Lauric. Ini akan membantu dalam susuan bayi nanti.

Nota #3

Virgin coconut oil was an alternative, use in the hospital as mixture of milk to feed to the baby, or as lactation dilution those included to the body patient through infus or through fund those included through throat. In case of emergency when commercial dilution not found, doctor in the district tropical climate will use coconut milk. Often considered as “ coconut milk “ water fresh coconut free from bacteria and have salt mineral, sugar and tamarind chain fatty on (MCFA) able to give substance to a patient incapable of taking or digest common food. Coconut water reported already save the life hundreds of serious ill people and who are hurt. In among greatest benefit is fight dehydration and electrolyte depletion to troops hurt. During II World War Japanese use water coconut as solution in state of emergency. 

Jadi...tiada masalah sekiranya VCO untuk kegunaan bayi anda.
VCO minyak yang terbaik untuk bayi anda. Ini merupakan makanan tambahan yang baik untuk ketahanan dan tumbesaran bayi anda.

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